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Spot Irish Whiskey

William Mitchell decreed that all firstborn children of each generation of the Mitchell family be named Robert. This decree came after the death of William's close friend, the rebel, Robert Emmet. This tradition has continued for seven generations, ensuring that there is a Robert behind every Spot Whiskey. Yellow Spot and Green Spot single pot still whiskeys' roots go back to Mitchell and Sons one of Ireland's last remaining Wine Merchants and Whiskey Bonders. Jameson's Distillery would sell their new make spirits to bonders, back in those early days, who would mature them in fortified wine and wine casks. It was after this that Mitchell and Sons developed a reputation for some of the finest Single Pot Still Irish Whiskeys found in Dublin. Mitchell and Sons was the place to go for tea, cakes, and confectioneries in the heart of Dublin on Grafton Street. The family business began as a bakery and confectionery in 1805.

Later in the century, the family took a turn into importing wine, and by 1887, they were whiskey bonders. The fortified wine casks provided the perfect vessels to mature their single pot still whiskeys that would become known as the Spots. The whiskeys were stored in the cellars of Mitchell and Sons beneath the streets of Dublin. The Casks were marked with a daub of paint or a spot. Each color identified the length of time the whiskey would be aged. Originally there was Blue Spot aged for seven years, Green Spot aged for ten years, Yellow Spot aged for twelve years, and Red Spot aged for fifteen years. Like all Irish Whiskeys, the Spots had obstacles to overcome, WWII and Prohibition, having the largest impact on production. Green Spot was the only Spot Whiskey to remain in continuous production. Yellow Spot fell out of circulation after WWII. An old bottle was found intact at the little Museum of Dublin sparking new interest in Yellow Spot. The Mitchell family went through their archives and recipes, and Yellow Spot was reintroduced. Yellow Spot was affectionately known as "The Dubliner's Tipple of Choice."  

Green Spot

Green Spot is now a nonage statement whiskey made of pot still whiskeys aged between seven and ten years. It is matured in new bourbon, refill bourbon and sherry casks.

Green Spot has a full spicy body that tastes of green apples and cloves with a touch of sweetness, toasted oak, spice, and barley. It is the perfect way to start your evening served neat or over a gentlemen's cube.

Yellow Spot

What makes Yellow Spot special is that it is not just a " finished whiskey" it contains whiskey matured for a full 12 year period in three types of oak Casks, American Bourbon Barrels, Spanish Sherry Butts, and very unique Spanish Malaga Casks. The Malaga Cask brings a sweet, exotic note to the whiskey making. It is a rare whiskey as only limited quantities are released. Yellow Spot tastes of pot still spices and Honey sweetness, juicy red apple, creme brûlée, and toasted oak. This is a delicious Irish Whiskey to sip on and linger over, either neat or over a gentlemen's cube.

Blue Spot

Blue Spot Irish Whiskey has been introduced to the world again after an almost 57 year wait. 

The key to understanding the Spot whiskeys after all these years is the distillate, it remains the same. The pot still distillate used in all the Spots never changes, it is essential. The woods, fortified wines, and age may be played around with, but never the distillate it is the heart of their identity.

Blue Spot is matured 7 years in Bourbon Casks,

Sherry Butts, and Portuguese Madeira Casks bottled at Cask Strength. It has a smooth mouthfeel, and tastes of mixed fruits with black pepper, cinnamon, vanilla, with a hint of nuts and wood. It has balanced finish of spice and fruits.  We recommend you enjoy it over a Gentleman's Cube or Neat with a Water Back.