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Paddy Irish Whiskey

Paddy's Irish Whiskey was first produced in 1779 in Cork, Ireland and called "Cork Distilling Company Map of Ireland Old Irish Whiskey".  The Cork Distilleries Company was founded in 1867 to merge four distilleries Daly's, North Mall, The Green, and Watercourse Road under the control of one group.  In 1868, a fifth distillery joined the group, Middleton.  In 1882 the group hired a young salesman from Cork, Patrick (Paddy) Flaherty.  He would buy rounds of the whiskey for the house as a way to sell it. 

He was so successful, when the pubs ran low and ordered more, they would ask for Paddy Flaherty's Whiskey.  As a reward in 1912, the company renamed the whiskey Paddy's Irish Whiskey.  In the 1920s Cork Distilleries Company wanted to insure the quality of their whiskey so they decided to bottle it, they were one of the first to do so.

Recently the label was changed to Paddy's, but it is still the same triple distilled Irish Whiskey that Paddy Flaherty sold.  He was charismatic, genuine, and made friends everywhere he went. He always made sure everyone had a good time, enjoying music and laughter and great whiskey.  People just ordered more Paddy's, hence the label change. Paddy's is a blend made from all three styles of Irish Whiskey, grain, pot still, and malt, but it has a higher proportion of the malt. It is matured in oak casks up to seven years. It tastes light and crisp, with hints of nut and malt.