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Jameson Irish Whiskey

Sine Metu is the family motto that you will find proudly displayed on the front of every bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey. It means without fear and has allowed Jameson to produce whiskey through two World Wars, American Prohibition, and the Irish Civil War. It is made by blending rich pot still whiskey, and the finest grain whiskey distilled three times. All the barley used to make Jameson comes from within 100 miles of Middleton, the Distillery that produces Jameson Irish Whiskey, the water used in the whiskey production comes from the Dungourney River which flows right through the Distillery.

Due to the Irish climate, corn used for the grain whiskey comes from a farmer in the South of France, and it is non-GMO. Head distiller, Brian Nation, upholds John Jameson's legacy of triple distilling for that smooth flavor. Head cooper Ger Buckley chooses bourbon casks from America and fortified wine casks from Spain. They are seasoned and pass on toasted oak, vanilla, and sweet sherry to the Jameson matured in them. John Jameson established this way of making whiskey in 1780.

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson Irish Whiskey is aged in oak Casks for a minimum of four years. It tastes of spice, nuts, and vanilla, all perfectly balanced with a hint of sweet sherry and incredible smoothness. It is a refreshing high ball mixed with club soda or ginger ale. Perfect neat or on the rocks.

Jameson 18 years

Jameson 18 year old is a unique blend of three signature distillates aged in Jameson's finest oak casks for almost 20 years with the final marrying for 6 months in new American oak casks that add a unique elegance and complexity to this whiskey. It tastes of so many complex flavors, toffee, spice, hints of wood, leather, and sherry sweetness. Enjoy it over a gentlemen's cube or neat.

Blender's Dog

The Blender's Dog is one of three of the Whiskey Makers Series and is a celebration of the Craft of Head Blender Billy Leighton. The Blender's Dog is the tool used to draw out small measures of maturing whiskey to sample and aid in blending. Leighton says this blend is the melody of his whiskey making. The Blender's Dog has a round, rich, creamy mouthfeel and tastes butterscotch, pot still spices, succulent fruit, and a hint of charred oak. It is delicious on the rocks or neat. Lovely to sip and just enjoy the complexity.


Jameson Cold Brew

Jameson Cold Brew is a new addition to the Jameson family. Irish Whiskey and Coffee are no strangers, but the great minds at Jameson wondered if there was more to the story. They developed a fresh new angle into a classic partnership. Jameson Cold Brew is a combination of smooth, triple distilled Jameson and rich, natural cold brew coffee all in one bottle. The cold brew coffee is made from Arabica beans from Brazil and Columbia with no added sugar. It tastes of toasted oak, dark chocolate, and rich coffee.  We recommend you enjoy it simply over ice or as new way to drink an Old Fashioned or try it in an Espresso Martini. The possibilities are endless.