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Five Farms Irish Cream

Five Farms Irish Cream is the first farm to table product crafted from single batches of fresh cream and Premium Irish Whiskey combined within 48 hours of being collected. The cream is sourced entirely from five family owned farms who have a deep connection to their land and a passion for their craft. The farms are located in County Cork, where the "happy cows" produce the highest quality milk. The rich and creamy base product's consistency from batch to batch is due to it being collected in single batches.  The five family owned farms are LJG Dairy, The O'Mahony Farm, The Coleman Farm, The McCarthy Farm and The Tuthill Farm. Dairy farming dates back thousands of years in  Ireland.  Temperate climate and fertile soils provide ideal conditions for making milk, cream, butter, and cheese. Since the 1700s Farmers in Cork have been producing butter making it one of Ireland's chief exports. Triple distilled Premium Irish Whiskey also sourced from Cork adds a sweetness to the cream. Containing the highest proportion of Irish Whiskey of any other brand makes it a stand out in this category.

Five Farms Irish Cream tastes of fresh cream, dulce de leche, with hints of coffee and butterscotch.  We recommend several different ways to enjoy Five Farms Irish Cream: order it neat, enjoy it in your cappuccino or coffee, or served on the rocks.