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Bushmills Original

Bushmills Original comes from the oldest licensed Distillery in the world. The Bushmills Distillery was granted its license in 1608. The crisp waters of the river Bush cut through volcanic rock along Ireland's North Coast where generations have passed down distilling traditions. Bushmills is named for the mills that make the barley and the River Bush where the water to cut the whiskey to proof comes from.

Bushmills is the only place in Ireland that makes, matures, and bottles on site.  Bushmills Original's recipe dates back to before Prohibition.  It is considered the cornerstone of the Bushmills Range. It is aged five years in Bourbon Barrels, triple distilled and made of pure single malt whiskey and lighter grain whiskey.  This makes it smooth and approachable.  Bushmills celebrated 400 years in production in 2008, it was such a huge occasion that the Bank of Ireland printed pictures of the  Bushmills Distillery on its bank notes. The Distillery has survived devastating fire, Prohibition, World War II and a bomb attack on their Dublin offices.  In true Irish fashion, they never gave up and rebuilt and overcame each obstacle to create world class whiskeys. Bushmills Master Blender, Helen Mullholland, is the first woman inducted into Whisky Magazine's Hall of Fame. She has worked at Bushmills for over 25 years. Her eye is on innovation with the exploration of different types of woods for finishing their blends and single malt whiskeys.  Bushmills Original has a gentle warming mouthfeel and a touch of honey sweetness.  The finish is crisp and fresh with a touch of spice.  Enjoy it neat or over a gentlemen's cube.